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  A Diagnostic Tool for Measuring the Bias on Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

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Real BIAS KING™ Customer Testimonials

"I was working on an amp for Larry Carlton and his tech wouldn't leave unless I gave him my Bias King! I wouldn't give it up until I called Steve to make sure I could get another. The Bias King is a great time saver!"
Alexander Dumble, Dumble Amplification

"The Bias King works great! I can keep my amps in check on the road whenever I want without pulling the chasis out."
James Pennebaker The Hot Links Band with Lee Roy Parnell

"Thanks for the Bias King, now I know all my amps will be truly happy."
Mike Lewis at Fender

"Using the Bias King is the best way to bias guitar amps because it’s easy, accurate, repeatable and correct. Having the formulas right on the unit makes it foolproof."
Mitchell Colby, Senior Vice President, Product Development & Support Korg USA Inc.

"The Bias King is one of the coolest devices since the guitar tuner! I can now fine tune my vintage Marshall's bias on the road, in the studio, & at home. When it comes to electronics I'm a dummy, but not tone. Even a electronics dummy like myself can use the Bias King, & that's cool!!!" Greg Martin, lead guitarist for The Kentucky HeadHunters

"I've used the Bias King to set up amps for some great guitar cats from Duke Robillard and Lyle Lovett to Tom Keifer and Greg Martin (and all points in-between). These guys know TONE! How much current the output tubes draw tell a whole lot about the integrity of an amp. I wouldn't even think of working on a tube amp without my Bias King!"
Steve Wilson, Professional Sound Tech & Owner, Ambient Sound



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