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Steve Wilson, Sound Technician
Kentucky HeadHunters Band

Photo of Steve WilsonSteve started working on vacuum tube amps in the late 70s, when he played guitar in a Louisville, KY regional rock band. After becoming a production assistant for a concert promoter, he made some important contacts and learned the business side of things. One of these contacts was Stevie Ray Vaughan's (SRV) guitar tech.

Steve traveled on the road with SRV as his amp/keyboard tech until Stevie's untimely death. Steve was the amp tech for the 1990 Farm Aid concert, where he handled the rigs for John Mellencamp's band, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Keifer, and others. He has reworked or serviced amps for Marty Stewart, The Black Crowes, Scott Holt (Buddy Guy band), Cinderella, The Kentucky HeadHunters, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, and many more.

He has designed a product, used on all these amps, called the Bias King. Steve owns Ambient Sound in Louisville, KY and still works on amps from all over the world. He can very often be found cavorting across the continent with the Kentucky HeadHunters (providing there's not a hamfest going on) as their live sound mixer and DVD movie supplier.

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